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Katherine Heires is a freelance journalist and editorial consultant who reports on innovation, risk topics and emerging technologies and their impact on corporations, financial institutions, professional investors and individuals.

Her reporting has appeared in publications that include Institutional Investor magazine; Risk Management Magazine, published by the Risk and Insurance Management Society (RIMS); GARP Risk Intelligence, a news and analysis service published by the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP); and Venture Capital Journal, published by Thomson Reuters.

As a contributing editor and correspondent, she has covered a broad range of issues impacting the financial sector: algorithmic trading, artificial intelligence, behavioral finance, blockchain technology, cloud computing, high frequency trading, the Internet of Things, market structure developments, predictive analytics, risk management, shadow banking, new technologies for professional traders, hedge funds and wealth advisors, new strategies for banks and investment firms, regulatory change and the latest wave of startups targeting financial firms.

Katherine's reporting can also be found in the archives of Bloomberg BusinessWeek,, Securities Technology Monitor, Treasury & Risk magazine and Wall Street & Technology/Advanced Trading magazine.

Prior to her current assignments, Katherine spent a year as consulting editor at Deloitte Research, where she edited, wrote and contributed to corporate management and technology reports and developed and edited a publication for Deloitte professionals.

Over the past 17 years, Katherine's work as a contributing editor and reporter has appeared in a wide array of news outlets, including CyberTimes (published by The New York Times), The Deal and MIT's Technology Review. Some of her earlier articles have appeared under the bylines Katherine Cavanaugh and Katherine Goncharoff.


Examples of her articles include:

COVID-19 and the New Surge in Alternative Data,, May 15, 2020;

Natural Language Processing: Artificial Intelligence Ready for Prime Time,, February 14, 2020;

Rise of the Robots, Risk Management Magazine, September 2016;

Systemic Risk: The Continuing Quest for Models to Monitor and Manage the Ultimate Challenge to Financial Stability ,, September 1, 2016;

Blockchain: Standards Wanted,, April 8, 2016;

The Risks and Rewards of Blockchain Technology. Risk Management Magazine, March 2016;

Sentiment Analysis: Are You Feeling Risky?. Risk Management Magazine, Dec. 2015;

Rogue Trader Leeson Turns Risk Adviser,, Dec. 18, 2015;

New-Generation Lender Reels in Risk Expertise,, Oct. 22, 2015;

The Art, Science and Technology of Conduct Risk Management,, July 15, 2015;

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence. Risk Management Magazine, May 2015;

The P2P Explosion: Business Models May Change, But Risks Still Need to Be Managed,, May 15, 2015;

Preparing for the Internet of Things: Smart Devices Present New Security Challenges. Risk Management Magazine, Feb. 2014;

Predictive Analytics' New Wave,, Jan. 30, 2014;

Banking Update: Technology Providers Jump into Stress-Test Fray,, Nov. 21, 2013;

Banking's Stress Testing Solutions: The Supply and Demand,, Oct. 2, 2013;

NY Regulator - Benjamin Lawsky - Confronts Bitcoin & Other Financial Risks. Risk Management Magazine, Oct. 2013;

Stress Testing and Technology Stress,, Aug. 21, 2013;

In Scenario Planning, Royal Dutch Shell Shows the Way., Aug. 15, 2013;

Mastering Scenario Planning: Interview with Shell's Jeremy Bentham,, Aug. 15, 2013;

A Risk Primer Unlike Any Other,, May 28, 2013;

Neuroscience and the Risk Manager,, May 2, 2013;

Light on the Shadow: Update on Shadow Banking,, Feb. 6, 2013;

Interview with Emanuel Derman:  Why Wall Street Models Will Always Have Limitations. Risk Management Magazine, Aug. 2012;

Could a Delay Tame the World of High Frequency Trading?., June 28, 2012;

High-Speed Trading Slowing Down., June 6, 2012;

Does Dodd-Frank Need Algorithmic Help on OTC Derivative Risk?., May 16, 2012;

The Science of Culture:The financial crisis has cast a spotlight on the benefits of a strong, corporate culture and its relative, a robust, risk culture. Risk Professional Magazine, Oct. 2011;

Time to Feed the Beast:  The Dodd-Frank Act & Its Call for New Systemic Risk Requirements for Financial Firms, Risk Professional Magazine, June 2011;

Gifts of Sight: New Approaches in Scenario Planning & Serious Gaming for Corporations, Risk Professional Magazine, April 2011;

Catalogue of Folly:  Interview with credit crisis author Joe Nocera, Risk Professional Magazine, Feb. 2011;

Better Behavior:  How Behavioral Finance Can Enhance Risk Management, Risk Professional Magazine, Dec. 2010;

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